The Mozart Garden Suite

in Historic Bisbee, an oasis high above the Sonoran Desert

48b Shearer Avenue, Bisbee, Arizona 85603

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image of Katherine and Al
Katherine & Al, in front of Homage to K

Katherine Hagstrum and Alvin Sandler enjoy a marriage of life and art that began when they met in New York City
in 1975. Katherine was busy as a textile designer. Al was preparing an exhibition of his paintings from Mexico.
He invited her to see his etchings (smile). Eventually she did, and this led to her turning her talents to fine art, to
etching and especially to the exploration of the monotype. This freed Katherine from the NY-based textile connection,
and so they chose the Southwest in which to make a new life together.

Katherine and Al have now lived 30 of their 35 years together in Bisbee, Arizona. Why Bisbee? The natural beauty
of the Mule Mountains, and the charm of the historic town clinging to the hillsides won them over at first sight.
Only 90 miles south of Tucson and 10 miles north of Mexico, Bisbee had the climate, the clean air, and the natural
splendor of the American Southwest. Not remote like most small towns, Bisbee has an active art scene, shops,
restaurants, a friendly community. A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE AND A PERFECT PLACE FOR A VACATION!

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Katherine Hagstrum       Alvin Sandler
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